If you're like us, the TV in the living room stays on HDTV most of the time. Yes, it's usually shows about "ship lap", farmhouse sinks (what even is that?) and subway tiled showers. Well, the original home "fix it" show is coming back to TLC.

That's right Trading Spaces is making a big comeback and the network is saying it's going to be better than ever. This statement is from TLC.com

If you've never watched the show, two sets of neighbors redecorate a room in each other's home on Trading Spaces. Teams have only two days and a $1000 budget to complete the redesign with a professional designer and carpenter. Teams have no control over the redecoration in their own home but can give input before the decorating begins. They'll spend the night in one another's homes and aren't allowed to reenter their own home until the end of the final day. The best part is the homeowners' reactions to their remodel.

The best reactions were when homeowners loved the final product. But, admit it, you loved it when they hated it too!


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