Make matted and worn carpets look like new again for about 20 dollars!  Discover what contractors and realtors use to make older carpets look newer.

It's called a carpet rake.  It's the same principle as the rake you use in the yard except the prongs that make contact with your carpet are very different.  They are made of a tough plastic and do a nice job lifting the fibers of any carpet but especially older carpets.  It's quick and easy.  First vacuum your carpet then use the carpet rake just as you would rake leaves in your yard.

Carpet rakes range in price from under 10 dollars to as high as 50 dollars.  Most times you can find a really nice one online for about 20 bucks. has the rake featured in this video for just under $40.  Locally, in the Acadiana area, you can find them at Gerami's Floors.


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