A mother was crushed when she learned that her special needs son was the only student in his class who wasn't invited to a fellow student's birthday party.

Jennifer Kiss-Engele's 8-year-old son Sawyer has Down syndrome, and after learning he had been excluded from the party she decided to write an open letter on Facebook intended for "the parent that thought it was OK to invite the entire class to their child’s birthday except for my son."

The update to the story showed that both mothers learned something from the situation, and in the end the children had a chance to celebrate together.

Now, if we could only mend all of our differences this easy, right?

Regardless of the outcome, it does pose a question: Do some parents tend to get into too many "playground politics?" Have you ever been in a situation where you and/or your child were not invited or included in a party/activity because of something completely petty?

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