Bullying has been a hot topic, both locally and nationally, but this story really touched us.

A video showing a Lafayette High School teen being bullied has circulated and after seeing the story covered on KLFY, one line has been bothering me all week long.

The mother, Ashley Bonnor described that her son was being bullied at Lafayette High School, not only in the video showing the boy being punched in the face but other times as well. Recently, in an attempt to defend himself, the victim took a knife to school and now is being held at a juvenile detention center, this according to reports.

As she detailed the bullying, she claims that she reported it to the school around November of last year but it hasn't helped the situation. Bonnor says that her son has been bullied "every day" since then.

Even after bringing the viral video of her son being punched to the attention of the school, Bonnor says "nothing was done." In the report done by KLFY, the mother revealed her son came home and told her this:

well mom, this is my thing, either they're going to kill me or I'm going to commit suicide cause I'm tired of getting bullied.

Like I said before, that really stuck with me all week and I almost wonder if there is a solution to this bullying epidemic. I know that kids are mean and bullying has always been around but has it always been this bad? Is social media just amplifying something that has always gone on?

It should be noted that KLFY says that Lafayette High School claims they have yet to receive a report, but if you're a parent, student, or just a concerned citizen, what do you think could be done to help this problem?

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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