It seems every week we get a new piece of bad news concerning Louisiana's current financial budget crisis. This week has followed suit as Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser says more than half of Louisiana's state parks, museums, and historic sites could close in 2017 as part of efforts to fix the budget. You know, if we were this inept at our jobs, we would be shown the door in a heartbeat. reports Nungesser has called this round of budget cuts to the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism "devastating". I agree, it will be beyond devastating if this comes to fruition. First, our elected officials endanger our education, and now our recreation. Where is this going to stop?

With the current Louisiana deficit sitting at $750 million, a 30 percent cut to the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism is being proposed for the 2016-2017 fiscal year budget.

Only 10 out of 22 of Louisiana's state parks will remain open if the cut is passed.

Below are the 11 historic sites and 12 state parks would likely close.


As a result of these closings, 111 employees would lose their jobs if the cuts are approved.

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