A Moblie man who was convicted of harming an Abbeville girl will be spending the next 160 in prison after receiving his sentence in federal court this week.

According to officials with the Western District U.S. Attorney's Office in Louisiana, 46-year-old William Malone was convicted in October of 2020 of five counts of producing child pornography, one count of possession of child pornography, and one count of use of a facility to cause a minor to engage to criminal sexual activity.

Officials say that Malone was the captain of a boat that traveled out of Abbeville. U.S Attorney Brandon Brown says the young victim trusted and looked up to this man, and he exploited her trust. Brown says he ended up getting the girl to send him naked and sexually suggestive photos to him. They found photos on the victim's phone and on the perpetrator's phone.

Brown says,

The crimes committed by this defendant are shameful. This defendant took advantage of the minor victim in this case who looked up to and trusted him. Instead of respecting that trust she had in him, he tried to intimidate her into staying quiet about the things he was doing to her which were incomprehensible.

In addition, to finding the images on his cellphone, they also went on board the vessel that he captained to find his laptop with images as well. Malone used intimidation tactics to force the girl to remain silent, but she eventually told someone that she was being abused. That's when the child's mother made a complaint to the authorities.

Prosecutor Brown says now no one else will be a victim of this man.

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