A mystery about a missing Texas teacher continues after she was last seen on Thursday, September 22 in Texas, and then her vehicle was found about a week later in New Orleans.

When we first reported on the story, we didn't have much information on where the woman's car was found other than in the city of New Orleans.

The woman has now been found safe, and she was reunited with her family.

Michael Reynolds the husband of missing teacher Michelle Reynolds, used a tracking device on his wife's Lexus SUV to locate the vehicle in New Orleans.


Now, family members are asking for privacy after the woman was found "alive and well" in New Orleans.

The Brazoria County Sheriff's Office says they confirmed with Louisiana State Police that the woman was reunited with her family members.

What happened?

Was she kidnapped?

Did stress cause her to run away?



These and many other questions are on the minds of people after a video recently surfaced showing a woman walking down the street in New Orleans. Officials say the woman was identified as Michelle Reynolds.

No explanation or information about the woman's time away from her home has been given.

Her husband, Michael was in New Orleans to search for her after her Lexus had been spotted in a parking lot.


Michael had told authorities that his wife was last known to have been on her way to get something to eat. The Alvin, Texas middle school teacher was then not heard from again until that video surfaced.

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