Dogs are a great barometer of people. Well, to me they are. I ascribe to the theory that if a dog doesn't like you then I probably won't like you either. For most of my life, I have gotten along better with dogs than I have with most people. I do think dogs are very special creatures. This is why I am so happy to bring you the story of the lost dog that found its way home.

The dog in question is a Lab/Catahoula mix. We know about Catahoulas here in Louisiana, that's our state's official dog. You knew we had an official dog, right?

Well, Rajah, that's the dog was apparently spooked by fireworks being blasted near her Simpsonville South Carolina home on Sunday night. His owners said that Rajah was outside playing in the yard when the fireworks got the best of her. Apparently, the animal was so frightened by the explosives that she leaped his fence and disappeared.

If you've ever lost a dog then you know the kind of panic that Mary Lynn Whitacre and Ryan Washick were feeling. They are Rajah's humans and to say they were distraught over her disappearance would be an understatement.

Fox Carolina News via YouTube
Fox Carolina News via YouTube

The couple immediately set out to search for their pet and when those efforts failed they began to circulate flyers throughout the neighborhood and on social media. Washick was reportedly so heartbroken by the loss of his dog he laid awake on the family couch into the wee small hours of Monday morning.

It was about 3 am when Washick told reporters that he heard a noise outside on the front porch and then the doorbell started ringing. No, it's not normal for the family to be receiving or expecting guests at that hour.

When Washick opened the door, there sat Rajah. When the front door was opened the animal very slowly sulked her way into the house fearing that she would be "in trouble" with her humans. However, there was nothing but joy.

With a fireworks holiday right around the corner please make sure that your pets have a safe and quiet place to spend their evening. Every year around the Fourth of July and New Year's, the big firecracker holidays, we hear countless tales of lost pets who ran away from home because they were spooked by fireworks.

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