Black lemurs find millipedes in the wild and use their venom for a multitude of reasons.

When the lemurs grab the millipedes, they could easily crunch them to death with their teeth and maybe eat them, but that's not what they do it for. When they clamp their teeth down on the millipede, it secretes a venom.

The lemurs then rub the venom on their fur to repel insects. So, it's being used for a good reason, right? Well, what about the fact that it also gets the lemurs high af?!

During the fur rubbing process, the lemurs will then get high off of the millipede venom. While it seemingly could be harmful to the lemur, the high and insect repellent must outweigh the bad.

Check out the lil lemurs with their squinty eyes, and drooling mouths after they get a taste of that sweet, sweet millipede venom.

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