With Louisiana once again leading the pack in something we don't want to be first at - COVID-19 cases - it's kind of like moving back to where we were last year at this time. Really disappointing, and frankly depressing. With the COVID vaccine available to just about anyone who wants it, we really shouldn't be in this mess right now, but here we are.

And officials at one of the most popular zoos in the US are taking precautions to make sure that their animals will be safe against the coronavirus. Veterinarians at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans say that so far no cases have been reported among their 2,000 animals, and they want to keep it that way. Dr. Nancy Welborn, a professor with the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, told WWL that even though some cases have been reported recently "It's actually not that common. We're all learning about COVID just like everybody else.” Not all of the animals will get the vaccine, but the ones who are most vulnerable will. And those include Apes, big cats, and mustelids, which are animals like ferrets.

And earlier this week, one of Louisiana's most prominent felines got his COVID shots and wanted to make sure everyone knew he was doing fine. Mike the Tiger is a huge tourist attraction in Baton Rouge, and due to the coronavirus, barricades had been put up around his habitat on campus at LSU to keep people, and the chance of getting COVID, away from him.


According to a press release sent out by LSU "The vaccines were donated by Zoetis, which is donating more than 11,000 of its COVID-19 vaccine to help protect the health and well-being of more than 100 mammalian species living in zoos, conservatories, sanctuaries, academic institutions, and government organizations located in 27 states." See more about the animals getting vaccinated in the video below from WWL in New Orleans.


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