It's been just over two months since Mickey Shunick disappeared and there's still no trace of her. There are lots of rumors circulating, but the truth will remain unknown for a long time, if not forever. What we know for a fact, as of today, is that a Grand Jury believed there was enough evidence to charge Brandon Scott Lavergne in connection with the deaths of two women, and at least two families are hoping for a conclusion to their nightmares. Mickey's father, Tom Shunick, was interviewed, and said he would be surprised if Lavergne pleads guilty. Lisa Pate's family had no idea her case would even be presented to the Grand Jury. Friends and supporters of Mickey and her family are still meeting every day at their headquarters in the S. College Shopping Center and her sister Charlie posted this message on the Find Mickey Shunick Now page on Facebook yesterday:

"At the two month marker, with all that has happened: all of the wonderful people we have met, the community coming together, the unconditional support from people all over the world, the tips and leads and breaks in the case... all I can say is BRING MICKEY HOME, she deserves it."

We're with you, Charlie!

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