A father from Michigan wants a public apology from his daughter's former elementary school after they cut the young girl's hair without any permission from him. The father says that his daughter came home in tears after having her hair unwillingly cut for the second time in the week.

See the before and after photos from the girl's father @jimmyhoffmeyer posted on Instagram below.

Details of the story were provided from @WAFB and posted to Twitter below.

According to the above report, Jimmy Hoffmeyer's daughter had her hair cut by another student on the bus earlier in the week. After the incident, which the girl's father excused as a child's mistake, he took his daughter to a hair stylist to have her hair straightened out.

Hoffmeyer sent his daughter back to school only to have her return home in tears with an even newer haircut. As the report reads, a teacher at the girl's now former school attempted to give the girl a haircut without her father's position.

Now, Hoffmeyer says that he has gotten an apology from the school but according to WAFB the school has not shown the father video of either hair cutting incidents that his daughter experienced in the same week. He wants a public apology so that his daughter knows what they did to her was wrong.

"After that teacher cut her hair, she was so embarrassed. So embarrassed that she had to go back to class like that", Hoffmeyer said in the report. He still does not have answers as to why the teacher decided to cut his daughter's hair without permission.

Whatever motives the teacher had to cut this young girl's hair, they were somehow oblivious to the thought that the girl's parents may want to have a say in the matter. I don't know how a teacher even gets the opportunity to set up a salon in a classroom and just start chopping away at a child's locks. That image in my mind just sticks out as something that should never happen in a classroom.

While teachers are some of the most under appreciated people around, this teacher definitely overstepped some boundaries with this decision. I hope this young girl can move past the possibly traumatic experience.

P.S. Her Dad handled things WAY better than I ever would have. Kudos to you, Mr. Hoffmeyer.

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