Part of Melanie Amaro‘s prize loot for winning ‘X Factor‘ was the chance to star in her very own Pepsi commercial. It aired during the first quarter of the Super Bowl tonight (Feb. 5) and featured Elton John holding court, in all his regal glory, with a crown, a king’s garb and platform boots. Amaro was a court wench amidst court jesters.

The monarch asks Amaro, “What do you do,” to which she responds, “I sing.” She sings a modernized, clubbed out version of ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin while he chugs from a chalice. Her voice is so powerful that she shatters stained glass. If there’s one way to earn respect, it’s by smashing glass with your singing.

King Elton is only mildly impressed, saying, “Alright, Pepsi for you.” She replies, “No, Pepsi for all,” throws a can of Pepsi at the lever he used to ditch bad court jesters and performers and he in turn falls through a trap door in the floor while everyone at court celebrates. Pepsi has that effect on people.

As for the seemingly deposed King Elton? He lands in a dusty room and is greeted by Flava Flav, the special guest that was touted in the behind-the-scenes preview teaser.

My how the tables have turned.

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