I'll bet with the throngs of people shopping Home Depot these days as we all become handy dandy stay-at-home DIY experts during the Coronavirus pandemic if you've shopped Home Depot on Ambassador Caffery you've probably seen a gold and white female Garfieldish laid-back cat roaming the store. Attention Home Depot shoppers...meet Homer.

Homer was found a few years ago, a newborn stray, in the Lawn and Garden Center. The employees named her Homer. She has been spayed and has had all her shots. Homer has water and food bowls at the Returns Counter at the store's main entrance. A store employee said,

Homer goes all over the store. In the morning we find her usually on a chair cushion in Lawn and Garden. The store and the employees purchase food and treats for Homer.

Homer, the cat that started its life with much uncertainty, has ended up living the life in the largest home in the world.

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