McDonald’s has been busy this year bringing back old and new items to its menu.

Just recently the fast food giant surprised everyone by bringing back its McRib and Halloween pails, along with the Cheese Danish that they brought back earlier this year.

Despite all of these items making a comeback, there is one item that fans are still hoping will return to the menu… The Snack Wrap.

Do you remember the Snack Wrap?

I sure do and from what I remember it was pretty delicious.

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The Snack Wrap was made of chicken, shredded lettuce, and ranch dressing wrapped up in a tortilla.

Snack Wraps were a hit from the moment they landed on the menu in 2006. Eventually, McDonald’s removed them from some menus due to complaints that they took too long to make and weren’t that successful. However, in 2020 McDonald’s removed them for good.

But that hasn’t stopped fans from creating petitions, getting celebrities to back the beloved item, and taking to social media to beg for this item's return, even for a limited time.

McDonald’s did address the issue earlier in the year and told Business Insider that they have no plans to re-release the Snack Wrap.

So until the Snack Wrap returns to McDonald’s menus you could get a taste of something similar from KFC.

Earlier this month KFC announced that they would be testing Chicken Wraps at select locations. While it won’t be the exact same thing it could be something to hold us over in the meantime.

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