A quick thinking McDonald’s crew saved a woman from a potentially disastrous situation. The woman walked into a Lodi, California McDonald’s on Christmas Eve, and indicated she was in distress. A restaurant employee told her to go to the restroom. That move was designed to buy some time. Employees called 911.

When she returned, the woman tried to place an order at the counter. The man she was with ordered her to get back to the car, and use the drive-through. The woman mouthed the words “help me” to the employee working the drive-up window. The line was held up to allow law enforcement time to arrive.

The suspect, Eduardo Valenzuela, was taken into custody. A loaded handgun was found in the vehicle. Valenzuela is a convicted felon. It’s illegal for him to be in possession of a firearm. McDonald’s restaurants have signs at the entrances, announcing that they’re a “safe place”. This crew backed it up.

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