The Lafayette Consolidated Government put out a press release today that details potential funding for sustainability and resiliency within Lafayette Police and Fire Departments as well as a raise for government employees.

Lafayette Parish has been reimbursed over $13 Million in CARES Act funding which has prompted Mayor-President Josh Guillory to offer three budget measures which are intended to improve the sustainability and resiliency of the City of Lafayette.

Guillory was quoted in the press release saying that the measures will, "provide competitive compensation for our first responders, fund needed training and resources to our police officers, and keep faith with LCG employees".

The three proposals made by Guillory would first, aim to finance local and state cost of living adjustments for police and fire personnel. Second, it would fund comprehensive crisis management training for the Lafayette Police Department. The third and final measure would give Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) employees a 2% pay increase.

The measure to increase LCG employees pay by 2% will be on the October 6th Lafayette City Council agenda and if approved, will go into effect at the start of the new fiscal year.

You can see the press release in its entirety below


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