Having been personally affected by asthma, I know the importance of both clean air and making a conscious effort to not affect others who may have asthma.

I have been suffering from asthma since I was a child; and we lost our mom to an asthma attack in 2004.  Since then, my family has started a non-profit organization aimed at raising funds for the American Lung Association.  One of our events is the annual 'jeep jaunt', held in October, and I also serve on the Advisory Council for the American Lung Association/Gulf Plains Region.

Since it is Asthma Awareness Month, I wanted to share some information about asthma from the American Lung Association.

What Do You Know About Asthma?

This May, during Asthma Awareness Month, the American Lung Association would like to remind you how important it is for people with asthma to manage their asthma. The more you learn about asthma, the better you and your loved ones can manage living with the disease.

Asthma can start at any age. Although there is no cure for asthma, it can be managed so people with the disease can live a normal, healthy life. If you or someone you know has asthma and would like to learn more about it, the American Lung Association invites you to participate in our new online learning module, Asthma Basics.

There is also more information about asthma available on our website. Visit www.Lung.org today to learn more about:

Asthma Resources for Parents and Children

If you or someone you know has a child with asthma, Lungtropolis is a website parents and children can visit together where you'll find advise for parents with children with asthma as well as action-packed games designed to help kids ages five to ten control their asthma.

Help People with Asthma?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Asthma Control Program is in danger of elimination unless Congress continues its funding. Tell your elected officials in Washington how important this program is to people with asthma.

(Via lung.org)

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