Some people just don't care about the property of others.

And some people just want to destroy things just because they can and because it's not their property.

That was apparently the case recently in Maurice as a local man is accused of throwing large rocks out of a moving vehicle onto several other vehicles passing in the opposite direction, causing broken windshields, broken headlights, and multiple dents.

LA 699 at LA 92, google street view
LA 699 at LA 92, google street view

According to to Eddie Langlinais, Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, Crime Stoppers Coordinator, and Violent Crimes Task Force Director, the incident happened on Louisiana Highway 92 and Louisiana Highway 699 in Maurice on Tuesday, March 15th.

19-year-old Rontrel Broussard has been arrested for 8 counts of Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property. His bond has been set for $20,000.00.

According to, Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property "is a serious felony charge that can carry a possible sentence of up to fifteen years in prison. This charge includes the additional element 'that human life might be endangered.'"

Two 17-year-old juveniles are also being charged for the incidents and were released to the custody of their parents.

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