Check out the size of this shark.

A massive hammerhead shark reportedly washed up ashore in Orange Beach, Ala.

The shark, which was dead when it washed up onshore, was just over 14 feet long.

A man on the beach saw the carcass of the shark approaching and when it got close enough to the beach, he and another beachgoer dragged it to the beach.

Coastal Restoration was called in to remove the shark from the beach and it was taken to a nearby lab for further testing.

Let this photo remind you that there are some very large sharks out there when you visit the beach in the months ahead.

And yes, we are aware that sharks live in the water. For some reason, anytime we report a shark sighting, we are quickly reminded that sharks are in the water. We know.

Check out the size of this shark on a beach that many from south Louisiana love to visit.

Here are a few more photos of the dead shark before it was lifted and removed from the Alabama beach.

And here's the video of beachgoers attempting to get the dead shark out of the water.


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