Raymond J. Fischer Jr. was strolling along on Lake Road in Lacombe when he saw an alligator so giant he almost couldn't believe what he was seeing. Now that's a tree shakah!

In the video from local21news.com, you can see what seems to be a 12 to 13-foot alligator casually strolling through the marsh probably looking for his next meal.

12 to 13 feet is clearly a conservative estimation, because this alligator could easily be well over 13 feet and appears to possibly be about 3 feet wide.

Even though Fischer was pretty far from the alligator, you can still see how huge this bad boy truly is.

An alligator of this size is generally believed to possibly be around 50 years of age. They are believed to be able to live as long as 70 years and in rare cases, 100 years.

You can see the full video HERE.

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