You know all of the urban legends we heard as kids about alligators living in sewer systems? It seems every day we're finding out those urban legends are more true than we thought.

A Mobile, Alabama apartment complex got quite the surprise when an alligator was spotted "crawling out of a storm drain by onlookers as children were coming home from school" according to

Anthony Patterson and his girlfriend Kenisha Miller were on their way home when all of a sudden they saw something they couldn't believe.

What they saw was a four to five-foot alligator crawling out of a storm drain.

According to the couple, the children getting off of the bus were only about 50 feet away from the newly emerged alligator.

Miller tells WKRG “We saw a gator coming out of the drainage hole, and we were like, ‘Is that a real gator?'” 



After the gator made it out of the drain, it made its way into the grass and took up shop in the bushes at the apartment complex.

Thankfully no one was harmed and eventually, Game and Wildlife officials were able to safely capture the alligator and relocate it.


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