ESPN's Marcus Spears learned the hard way to always assume that the microphone is live.

I was watching ESPN Live Monday afternoon when former LSU star player Marcu Spears said a few words on LIVE TV that he shouldn't have.

In one segment the crew sampled some local BBQ in Kansas City and Spears left the desk to set up his hit from the field.

The cast thought Spears was ready to go live for his segment "Big Man Balling," but Spears had no clue that it was his turn to go live on the show.

Those at the desk thought the former Dallas Cowboy star could hear them, but he was simply talking to those on the field with him, while cameras were on him.

While on TV he noted that his daughter plays volleyball in the area and he proclaimed that he would return to the establishment that served them the BBQ.


Apparently, Spears loved the dish so much that he promised to return and "Bust that sh@# up."

Immediately the crew at the desk knew Spears couldn't hear them and that he had no idea he was live on national television.

In a later segment, he joked that it may be his last time on the show, but he was present on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown just a few hours later.

If you're familiar with broadcasting, they always teach you to assume every microphone is "Hot," which means LIVE and our friend from Baton Rouge learned the hard way here.

I doubt this will cost the former LSU great his job with ESPN, but I can assure you that he did or will hear from upper management about this innocent mishap.


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