Do you ever see a video that is presented with little to no context and wonder what the hell is going on?

This week, that video for me happens to be this Instagram clip from @louisianatea that shows a man pouring milk all over his face in New Orleans. Based on the background of the video, the gentleman seems to be near Sazerac House on Magazine Street at Canal Street—a popular corner in the CBD.

Based on the opening of the clip, it seems as if a pedicab driver is handing him a brown-bagged bottle of milky liquid. You can hear the man say "call the police" but it's unclear why. What is apparent is that his face seems to be burning, possibly from being maced as the caption suggests but there is no way to confirm that based on what we're seeing in the video.

After pouring the milk on his face, the man out of frame is heard asking if his face feels better to which the man in the red shirt answers "no" as he continues to wince in obvious pain as he attempts to gather himself.


I've never been maced, but I can imagine anyone who has been maced would only be concerned with calming the burning sensation on their face and in their eyes. One commenter mentioned a solution that could have been used.


The man pours the milk on his face a second time before the video ends and utters something unintelligible as the milk continues to drip down his face and body.

The video has been viewed over 28,000 times on Instagram so hopefully, the man was able to get the help he was looking for or possibly make sense of whatever happened to him.

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