The Lafayette Police Department has been very busy the last several days and last night was no exception as they were called out to deal with a stabbing that was reported at a convenience store on East Simcoe Street.

A victim was stabbed during last night's incident. Lafayette Police Spokesman Sergeant Wayne Griffin says in a press release that the victim was treated at the scene, and then that person was taken to the hospital, via paramedics, so he could further treat this person for multiple stab wounds.

What caused all of the this? Police say they are not offering information right now on a motive for this situation. They will only say it involved two men who were at the scene of the incident at the convenience store which can be found at the 2300 block of East Simcoe Street in Lafayette.

Now it took a bit of time for Lafayette Police officers to catch the person they say it alleged of stabbing the other man as the perpetrator fled the scene before the cops got to the convenience store. However, there was some true convenience at this convenience store last night, as Spokesman Griffin says the culprit in this whole scenario decided to show up again at the scene. The man was promptly arrested.

Griffin says that suspect they arrested was Eddie Sloan, and they arrested the man on a charge of Attempted Second Degree Murder. The sergeant says that Sloan was then taken to and booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.


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