Scott Police Chief Chad Leger says they arrested a New Orleans man for allegedly using a fake ID and bogus checks at various business in the city.

Leger says they were called out to a grocery store Monday after a clerk there said that 59-year-old Manuel Blunt Jr. was the man who used a counterfeit check and fake identification to get cash from the business.

Blunt was taken by officers to the police department, where Chief Leger says Blunt confessed to using the fake ID and checks as several Scott locations along with other areas in Acadiana..

Manuel Blunt Jr. was booked in the Lafayette jail on the following charges:

  • Five Counts of Unlawful Possession of Fraudulent Documents for Identification Purposes
  • Five Counts of Forgery
  • Five Counts of Monetary Instrument Abuse

So far, his bond stands at around $10,000 for the current charges.