Florida man is back in the news.

Richard Atchison was arrested by the Fruitland Park Police Department after he allegedly threw his Christmas tree at his wife.

Atchison reportedly got into an argument with his wife while she was cooking when she asked him to help with the meal prep.

He says that his wife slammed a spoon into the hot food and it splashed on his face, thus causing him to become angry with his wife.

Reports say that Atchison left the house, but then returned and told his wife to leave. Well, when she attempted to leave that is when he stopped her from exiting the home.

In the process, Atchison allegedly picked up the Christmas tree in their house and threw it at his wife.

She retreated to a safe room in the house and called authorities.

Atchison admitted to drinking when he said that he didn't want to leave because he had been drinking and didn't want to drive.

He is presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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