We still don’t know what Season 2 of Netflix’s Making a Murderer might look like, though enough has happened to swing the narrative in multiple directions. Last summer saw alleged accomplice Brendan Dassey nearly free on an overturned conviction; now upheld, but what does it mean?

Keep in mind that the legal system is full of challenges and re-litigation that can amount to little (something we’ve all witnessed since January), but the seeming victory of Dassey’s overturned conviction by coerced confession last year was quickly tempered by state appeals to re-try, or at least keep Dassey in prison. Now, as USA Today explains, a 2-1 ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit upheld the original decision by Milwaukee U.S. Magistrate William Duffin that Dassey’s constitutional rights were violated.

That said, Dassey will not necessarily go free within ninety days, as was declared with the original decision. Another appeal to the the U.S. Supreme Court or Wisconsin could see Dassey re-tried within a 90-day window, though Dassey’s attorney Laura Nirider seemed cautiously optimistic:

As of today, Brendan has been locked up for 4,132 days. For the first time, this decision brings the end of that road in sight. We’re not there yet … This is a confession that nobody can have any faith in.

For those unfamiliar with the documentary, Making a Murderer follows the case of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man convicted of a brutal assault and sent to prison for 18 years, only to be exonerated by DNA evidence. Soon enough into a public civil case for justice reform however, Steven found himself accused of the murder of young photographer Teresa Halbach, and subsequently railroaded through a lengthy trial under especially dubious circumstances, and apparent corruption at every turn.

Last we heard, Making a Murderer was scheduling at least some new episodes for this year, but stay tuned for the latest on Dassey’s case in the meantime.

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