MacKenzie Bourg has turned to Kickstarter to fund his new EP, "Everyone's Got A Story".

MacKenzie Bourg, after an impressive run on "The Voice", is back in Los Angeles, working on his debut album.  When I asked him about having a 'label', he told me that it was going to be an independent endeavor.  "It's good and not-so-good, whichever path you take" Mac told me.  "When you have a label, you have funding, but you also have to "abide" by their guidelines when making the album.  Doing it on my own allows me to control the creative part, but there's no funding..... that's why I've turned to Kickstarter."

Mac is trying to raise $15,000 by September 4th.  He said "I look at it this way:  I have over 26,000 "Likes" on my Facebook page.... if just 2/3 of those people go to Kickstarter and each donate $1, I'll be at my goal... no, WE'LL be at OUR goal, in no time at all!"

You can read up for more information on Kickstarter, but, in a nutshell, it is a fundraising site for creative projects.  Movies, books, albums, inventions and some events have been funded by Kickstarter.

Let's get behind MacKenzie Bourg.....  one of your dollars can help "kickstart" Mac's music career!!

Here's Mac's Kickstarter video....


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