Lafayette's MacKenzie Bourg's new song "Good Day" is just what the country needs to sail out of a pandemic that has robbed the world of concerts, music, movies and many of the joys of life. "Good Day" gives the nation a fresh start as we begin to celebrate life, again.

Bourg, 28, gained national recognition when he placed fourth in season fifteen of the reality music show American Idol.

Mac's new single "Good Day", released Friday online, is the title track from his latest album on Preach Records. "Good Day" is a collaboration between Bourg and friend Jordan Frye from Los Angeles. This will be MacKenzie's first album since signing with Preach Records. The single is the first song of a 5-song project with the label.

Bourg has just finished filming the music video for the song and in the coming weeks "Good Day" will be released everywhere nationwide. MacKenzie's "Good Day" is already poised to be used in several national commercials as well as an upcoming Hollywood movie.

"Good Day" is fun, upbeat, happy and feels familiar the first time you hear it.

This song has 'hit' written all over it. 'Good Day' is better than 80% of the songs on the radio today. This song is just what the country needs to bounce out of a pandemic. I'm so proud of Mac.-C.J. Clements/Program Director KTDY Lafayette, La.


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