This is some great pregame hype, prior to Saturday's big LSU/Alabama game.

Here, we have an Alabama fan, Bama Moore, and an LSU fan, TJ LSU Dad, giving wrestling-style promos, just to add a little something extra to the big game.

What made a Ric Flair/Dusty Rhodes match for the NWA world title so special? The promos that led up to the match.

Didn't the Junk Yard Dog, doing a promo on how he was going to defeat Kamala, draw you in just a little bit more?

When a wrestling main event was announced, you always heard interviews from the competitors, because it helped generate more interest.

In boxing, Muhammad Ali, as great as he was, drew more interest in his fights, because of how he was so great at hyping his bouts.

Even in football; didn't you love, or hate, Oklahoma back in the mid 80's, in part because of what Brian Bosworth said?

Now, granted, what we have here are not competitors, only fans; but I love the passion.

Here, we have a match-up pitting two of the top three teams in the country, at least according to the initial College Football Playoff Rankings, and just when I thought I was completely burnt out by all the talk, I find these two passionate fans, and I become even more entertained.

No, this kind of smack talk isn't for everybody; but I must admit, it brings out the wrestling fan in me.

These two guys should be writing promos for the WWE.

First, we give the mic to Bama Moore:

Now, we hear from TJ LSU Dad:

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