LSU will welcome the McNeese Cowboys into Tiger Stadium for a few games and LSU will pay the university in Lake Charles a nice bit of change to play.

The American Press reports that LSU and McNeese will play each other in football in 2026 and 2029.

Now, it is not uncommon for larger universities and their athletic departments to pay smaller schools a lot of money to play each other in football, but what makes this so special is that LSU has agreed to pay an in-state school this amount of money.

Florida v LSU
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According to the report, LSU will pay  McNeese $750,000 in 2026 and $775,000 in 2029.

If you aren't familiar with the Louisiana landscape, McNeese will only be traveling two hours from home to get paid this well when the do play the Tigers.

The first game between the Tigers and the Cowboys will be played on Sept. 12, 2026. As for their second matchup in 2029, well that date hasn't been announced yet...

For those in Lafayette, McNeese will be coming to Cajun Field in 2025 to play the Cajuns in what should be an exciting atmosphere in Lafayette.

The last time McNeese visited Cajun Filed it brought one of the best crowds into the stadium at UL.


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