The LSU Tigers take on their bitter rival this Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Ala. and both fanbases are ready for kick-off.

LSU and Alabama have been rivals for years, but things heated up years ago when Nick Saban, who once coached at LSU, joined Alabama after a failed attempt in the NFL.

Thus, each year when LSU and Bama get together for an SEC West rival matchup, fans get a bit more excited and much more vocal.

Alabama v LSU
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Well, Nick Saban's daughter left a simple message on Instagram and it has fueled the fire. LSU fans know that Alabama fans don't care for them, but when it comes from the rival coach's daughter, things really heat up.

All that Kristen Saban had to say on social media thus far is that it is "LSU Hate Week" and LSU fans ran with it.

Sure it may be "LSU Hate Week" in Alabama, but the feelings in Louisiana seem to be the opposite as many Tiger fans are using the #BamaHateWeek on various social media platforms..

LSU and Alabama will go at it Saturday night at :645 p.m. and the game will be televisied nationally on CBS.

Here are just a few more posts on social media that will likely fire up both fan bases as we get closer to the big game this Saturday night.


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