Brian Kellly is loving Louisiana.

LSU Head Football Coach Brian Kelly is adapting to the south and he has now found his fishing hole.

Like so many in the Sportsman's Paradise, Coach Kelly has found a love for fishing since moving here and he found where the fish are biting, or should I say jumping into the boat?

An LSU football player recently stated that Coach Kelly has picked up the hobby of fishing since moving to Baton Rouge and a reporter recently asked him about it.

LSU Introduces Brian Kelly as Head Football Coach
Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Well, Kelly didn't disappoint when he mentioned that he has been down to Port Fouchon to fish and according to the second-year coach at LSU, the fish are jumping into the boat.

Kelly seemed to be really pleased after a few trips out on the water and now he seems to have adopted a hobby many here love---fishing.

We doubt that he's been on the boat in recent weeks as LSU is just weeks away from starting their 2023 season against Florida State.

The LSU Tigers are a top-5 ranked team in Kelly's second year in Baton Rouge and expectations are high. Perhaps that is why he took up fishing to relax prior to the season.

Here's Coach Kelly describing how good his recent fishing trips have been in Louisiana.

Never forget, Coach Kellly has tried to embrace the South since moving here and it all started when he was introduced to the LSU faithful at an LSU Basketball game.


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