The best, quickest way to get emergency help is to dial 911: car crashes, fires, medical emergencies, crimes - you can get help quickly with the 911 option.

But, there is another way you can report suspicious activity if said activity isn't an immediate threat. The Louisiana State Police provide a secure, online form dedicated to reporting suspicious activity.

You can report anything from espionage to a public health threat, from human trafficking to drug trafficking. Counterfeiting, fraud, gun running, even threats from a public official can be reported through the site.

One of the things I like about the availability of the suspicious activity page is that you can take your time and fill it out, making edits as you go, to make certain that you include all of the information you've witnessed or received. A 911 call could get that done, but I think that more people get nervous on the line with 911 than they do at their computer.

Again, in the event of a life-threatening emergency, 911 is always the way to go, but if you see suspicious activity that needs investigating, the Louisiana State Police provide another option for you.


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