It appears that talks about a fight between Louisiana native Dustin Poirier and one opponent in particular may be much more serious than just a back-and-forth discussion on Twitter. "The Diamond" could be back in the octagon less than two months from now if his social media posts are any indication of when the bout may happen.

UFC 269: Oliveira v Poirier
Carmen Mandato

There is no doubt that people love to see Lafayette native Dustin Poirier in the octagon. He is always down to brawl and at this point is recognized as a fighter who won't go down without a fight.

Who will Dustin Poirier fight next?

Another man who fight-fans love to see in the game is Nate Diaz, as he is a certified pot-stirrer and has a track-record for bringing eyeballs to events.

The current temperature on social media is that both Poirier and Diaz would be ready to fight as soon as January 2022. In fact, the next event for the fight organization is UFC 270 and it is currently slated to happen on January 22, 2022.

Poirier Retweeted a report from UFC insider @arielhelwani and you can see that post.

These two boys are reportedly 'bout that action sooner rather than later. But as everything must run through the UFC President Dana White, only he will decide when this fight will actually go down. Apparently, the idea of fighting in January has already crossed White's desk.

See the post from @DustinPoirier on Twitter below.

When Poirier says "they", I am assuming his referring to Dana White and the UFC. Still, Poirier says UFC 271 may be the card that he and Diaz land on. That event is scheduled to happen on February 12, 2022. And of course, Poirier said yes to the idea.

Poirier's potential opponent, @NateDiaz209 posted the below sentiment.

If Poirier were to fight on February 12, that would mean he would be stepping in the octagon just two months after his loss in the undisputed lightweight title fight against Charles Oliveira. While Poirier did not sustain significant injury in that fight, he was forced to do some soul-searching in regards to his future following the defeat.

UFC 269: Oliveira v Poirier
Carmen Mandato

Poirier has made it clear that Nate Diaz is the only opponent that interests him at this point.

He also referenced moving up in weight class. Will Poirier put on the weight to get to 170 pounds before a February fight? Certainly, Poirier's "walking-around weight" is closer to 170 when he isn't cutting down in preparation for a lightweight bout. So maybe "The Diamond" likes the idea of not having to keep his weight down so much so that he can show up and throw hands as he definitely loves to do.

UFC 269 Press Conference
Carmen Mandato

The UFC 271 card already features a star-studded title fight between the middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker. Throw Poirier vs. Diaz into that card and you have a pay-per-view for the ages.

Will Poirier and Diaz lock in this fight? If they do, I have a strong feeling that papers will be signed sooner rather than later.

The folks out in Las Vegas have already set a preliminary line for Poirier vs. Diaz, which "The Diamond" Retweeted.

Poirier is set as the face again, but as he learned in his last outing - the lines mean nothing to the fight game. Once you step into the octagon, all bets are off until one man's hand is raised.

UFC Fight Night: Poirier v Hooker
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Hopefully for Dustin Poirier, it will be his hand being raised whenever he faces Nate Diaz in the near future.

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