Now that the summer driving season is over you may not be paying quite as much attention to the price of gas as you were when you were planning your vacation. Thanks to unrest in the Middle East, Saudia Arabia in particular, gas prices have inched up a bit since you were contemplating that last trip to Gulf Shores.

On average gas prices around the country are up about ten cents when compared to the prices we were seeing just one week ago. Drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities are believed to be the catalyst for the increase in gas prices nationwide.

However, here in Louisiana, our prices for fuel have remained rather low. Although we have seen an upward adjustment in the past few days too. The nationwide average price for a gallon of regular fuel is listed at $2.73 a gallon.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Louisiana is about.43 cents lower than the national average. Baton Rouge boasts the lowest gas prices in the country with a gallon of regular gas being sold for as little as $2.24 per gallon.

A quick check of gas prices in the Lafayette area found several retailers offering fuel for even less than the statewide and Baton Rouge average. We found fuel prices as low as $2.08 per gallon at several locations in and around Lafayette.

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