Louisiana residents like the rest of the nation and to be honest, the rest of the world have been tucked away for a year and a half avoiding a virus. Now that vaccines and protocols have helped to stem the tide of that virus we are all ready to get back to our normal habits. For many of us, that means hitting the road for summer vacations and weekend getaways.

If you were planning on traveling this summer, Triple-A, the American Automobile Association says you won't be alone. According to the Association hits to their TripTik website have been running ten times higher than they were back in 2019. Oh by the way, if you hear anyone in the travel industry refer to "last year" they are probably talking about 2019 since travel in 2020 was basically null and void.

Where is Everybody Going?

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For the most part, AAA says their members who have expressed their opinions on traveling in a post-pandemic world say that for at least this year they plan to remain stateside. Bookings for vacations to Alaska and Hawaii have shown significant increases as stateside travelers hope to at least "get the feel of an exotic locale".

What About Cruises?

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Triple-A says summer cruises won't be quite as packed, at least based on information from their members but when the fall travel season hits, you can expect the cruise ports to be bustling around the country. The Association has suggested that many of its members are adopting a "wait and see" attitude before booking or re-booking cruises that were canceled by the pandemic. However, there does seem to be a very positive outlook that cruise lines will be able to keep passengers safe onboard their vessels.

Are People Getting Back on Airplanes?

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Yes, emphatically they are. In fact, many airports say passenger levels are about the same or in some cases exceeding what they were "last year" (2019). But Triple-A reminds you that if you do plan on travel by air to make sure you pack some extra essentials such as a face mask or hand sanitizer.

What About Fuel Supplies for Motorists?

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They are all good. The hiccup that happened along the eastern seaboard earlier this year as a result of an oil and gas pipeline being hacked is now a distant memory. Motorists will want to know that while fuel is in good supply the cost of that fuel is quite a bit higher than it was during 2020 and even in 2019. So, pack a few extra pennies to pay for the fuel you need to get to your destination and back home.

What's the Biggest Gripe Most People are Vocalizing About Returning to the Road?

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Oddly enough, it's less about getting to a destination and more about what's happening at the destination. The same worker shortage that many of us have experienced here at home is even more prevalent in vacation destinations. Many restaurants along the beaches and near tourist attractions say they can't get enough workers. That might mean your "night out" could be tainted by less than exemplary service.

Based on guidance from the CDC if you're ready to hit the road then the road should be ready for you, assuming that you've been fully vaccinated. Those who choose not to get the vaccine might have issues, especially in some of the large tourist centers. If that's you, you could be required to wear face coverings and go through a quarantine or temperature check protocol. Obviously, you'll have to weigh the benefits to see what makes the most sense for you and your family.

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