It is now Hurricane Isaac, and several areas in the Southeastern portion of Louisiana have made it mandatory for their citizens in low lying areas to evacuate as the storm makes its way to our state. Louisiana State Police Troop I Spokesman Stephen Hammons joined “Mornings With Ken and Bernie” today to offer tips to people traveling over the next few days.

Hammons says for anyone traveling Louisiana highways and the interstate, there is help if they have questions about roads or if there is an emergency.  He says, “511 for road closures, *lsp only for emergencies. our phone lines have been staying lit up throughout the last couple of the days with people with just questions about roadways, and we really want to encourage them to call 511 for that.”

Hammons says in the event that something major happens in the state due to Isaac, the Louisiana State Police are ready to respond.  He says, “All the troopers throughout the state right now, and of course here in the Troop I area, are on standby in the event something happens either in our area or in another portion of the state.  At the drop of a hat you can get a lot of law enforcement into an area.”

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