As an actor, I love Samuel L. Jackson (especially in Pulp Fiction). After seeing his 'tweet' from yesterday, I am not certain of how I would like him as a person.  He 'tweet' (edited) read:

Unfair (expletive): GOP spared by Issac ! NOLA prolly (expletive) Again! Not understanding God’s plan!"

We often 'wish' that storms and hurricanes will 'track elsewhere', but we're not 'wishing' it onto someone else, we are 'wishing' it away from ourselves.  Do you think that he believes that a single party political system would be more effective for the country?  Is he looking to "take out" (Pulp Fiction reference) the attendees of the RNC?

Of course, he followed up with an 'apology tweet' (laced with profanities), and then, finally, a 'tweet' asking people to be safe (regardless of their political beliefs).

How do you feel about his 'tweet'?