According to reports, there is currently only one opponent in the UFC that Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier would be interested in fighting at this point. The Lafayette legend recently spoke to the idea that he may never fight in the lightweight division again and is now in a back-and-forth on Twitter with a foe that he has had his eye on for years.

UFC 269: Oliveira v Poirier
Carmen Mandato

Is Dustin Poirier retiring?

After falling to Charles Oliveira in his most recent shot at becoming the undisputed champion in the lightweight division of the UFC, Dustin Poirier was forced to do some soul-searching in regards to his future in the sport. He was determined to defeat Oliveira in UFC 269, but Poirier fell just short of his goal once again.

Just when you thought Poirier could be done with his fighting career, he released some information about a potential fight he would be interested in.

UFC 236 Holloway v Poirier 2
Logan Riely

Dustin Poirier vs. Nate Diaz

It didn't take long for the man who Poirier mentioned to respond on social media.

See the call-out from @NateDiaz209 on Twitter below.

Ole Nathaniel Diaz. Poirier and Diaz were reportedly supposed to meet at UFC 230 back in 2018, but the fight never happened for reasons unconfirmed. Since then, these two have exchanged pleasantries on social media from time to time.

It only took @DustinPoirier ten minutes to respond to Diaz.

The two went back-and-forth...

Poirier began posting his own Tweets.

Then, Poirier retweeted this interview.

The internet caught on fire with the news. Poirier seemed to enjoy it, retweeting the below.

See the report with full information, which Poirier also Retweeted, below via @mmanews_com on Twitter.

Are we going to see Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz fight at 170 pounds in the near future? They both seem to be entertaining that very idea.

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