I don't know Chad Baxter of Bridge City Louisiana. But there are things I like about Chad without even knowing him. Chad and I share a common belief. We don't like to have people steal from us. I probably wouldn't get as upset as Chad got but then again, Chad had a reason to be mad.

Chad Baxter runs an autobody shop in Bridge City. He noticed over the past several weeks that some of his tools had gone missing. He checked the security cameras at his business and discovered that Dorian Lewis was apparently taking the tools from his shop.

Here's where Chad and I differ in our approach. I would have called the police. Chad took law enforcement into his own hands. We don't recommend that by the way. Chad tracked down Lewis and proceeded to exact a little justice of his own.

According to police reports Baxter brought Lewis back to his shop and proceeded to beat the man's hands with a hammer. Biblical, yes. Christian, not really. Effective? Oh, hell yeah. Unfortunately for Chad during the course of his vigilante-style justice he too broke a few laws.

Police kind of frown on assault, even if the other person deserves it. They also can't overlook the fact that Chad "encouraged" Lewis to get into his car at gunpoint. Yeah, that's a no-no in the eyes of the law as well.

So, as it stands now both men, Chad Baxter and Dorian Lewis have been arrested. We will have to wait and see how the courts decide this one.

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