A Louisiana man has been released from Angola State Prison after serving 12 years of what would have been a life sentence for selling marijuana.

Check out the story posted to Twitter below by @KLFY

According to the report, Fate Winslow was charged with life in prison under the repeat-offender law that exists in Louisiana. The Innocence Project New Orleans took up Winslow's case and began the appeal process.

Thanks to the efforts of the Innocence Project New Orleans, Winslow is now a free man who was expecting to die in prison after selling $20 worth of marijuana to undercover agents when he was homeless.

The initial report of the story from WWL-TV says that Winslow was released on Wednesday and he told the outlet, "A life sentence for two bags of weed? I never thought something like that could happen".

WWL also reports that Winslow, a 53-year-old, is heading off to reunite with his four children and three grandchildren.

I hope this story is a reminder to many across Louisiana that there are major issues as criminal justice and incarceration is concerned.

While I am sure there are many others currently serving egregious prison sentences across the state, I am extremely happy that Mr. Winslow has gotten the freedom he deserves.

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