A man riding by a home noticed smoke and jumped out of his car to help. Jonathan McCray was driving down a road in Kenner, when he stopped his car in the middle of the road, left it running, and ran to the house to start falling people and pets to safety.

McCray told WWL TV he isn't a hero, he is just someone who saw what was happening and wanted to help. Indeed, others also were there to help those who were on the scene.

Kenner Fire Department Chief Terrance Morris says that 15 people were in the burning home, and most of them were children. McCray says he could tell the fire had only been burning a couple of minutes, so he decided to go in there to help.

Kenner Fire 2
Photo courtesy of WWL TV

He says he just started pulling people out of the house, and when he saw there were dogs there, he started pulling them out of the house too. McCray says he is terrified of fires, but he knew he was in the right place at the right time to help, so he did.

A neighbor saw McCray pulling people to safety. He had this to say to WWL,

I am definitely scared of fires, I know I had the opportunity before it got bad. It was just starting, it was maybe two/three minutes in so I knew I had time to get in there, by the time I got in there, the smoke started getting real thick. I was grabbing everybody and just pulling them and grabbing them dogs and throwing them out the door it was a lot.

Chief Morris says they don't know what caused the fire to start, but they do know it started around 11 o'clock. Officials will continue to investigate how the fire got started.



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