A bill at the state legislature level that would have put a moratorium on billboards along state roadways died in committee on Tuesday.

Rep. Jack McFarland, the author of the bill, is disappointed that the bill failed to go to a vote.

“Definitely, we have to find solutions to the culture we’re living in that we cultivate lawsuits and litigation before we even talk about resolve,” he says.

HCR4 was driven in large part by a lobbying group for trucking companies who argued that they believe personal-injury attorneys are giving trucking a bad name through their billboards.

“We’re trying to improve the message we deliver to the people who are visiting our state,” Triple G Express president Randy Guillot says. “We’re pro-business and we want to promote that idea. A lot of the billboards we have out right now just don’t deliver that same message.”

The bill was discussed in the House Transportation Committee for three hours but was eventually voted down 14-3.

As you were Gordon McKernan, as you were.





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