Is there anyone in Louisiana who doesn't know about lawyer Gordon McKernan? Heck, the man has so many billboards along the highways and biways of Louisiana that you'd be hard pressed to NOT find someone able to finish the phrase, 'Get Gordon... Get it done!'

Seriously, if you get in a wreck in Louisiana, we wouldn't be surprised if a 3-year-old didn't tell you to call 888-8888. If you ever questioned the power of advertising, we're pretty sure Gordon will tell you it's worth every penny!

Case in point, I give you the Facebook page dedicated to Gordon McKernan memes... or 'McMemes' as they like to call them. And when you think about it, Gordon may have even more billboards up the McDonald's!

Recently, a piece of legislation was proposed that would cut down on the number of billboards in Louisiana. The estimated number of billboards in Louisiana? 7,000. We're guessing that Gordon is on around half of them!

That's where this Gordon McKernan McMeme comes in.. Can you pass the test? Enjoy!

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