There has been no Powerball jackpot winner in weeks. The drawing is tonight, and the estimated jackpot for tonight will be $1.73 billion.

With that kind of money, you could buy 378 of the luxury RV in the above picture. If you can tell by the picture, there is a secret place where that goes goes into the RV for safe keeping!

If you win that jackpot and take the cash option, you would take home $756 million. You can buy plenty of exciting things with that much money. This is before taxes.

The odds of someone winning the jackpot are pretty slim as they are 1 in 292 million, but you can't win if you don't buy a $2 ticket.

What Kinds of Things Could You Buy with All of That Money?

She Shed
Photo courtes of Arno Smit, iI72r3gSwWY, Unsplash

Ladies, how about a she-shed? Gentleman, how about a man cave? This can be quite costly if you want to put lots of interesting items into it, but for the purposes of this story, I just went with the basics.

According to lawnstarter, costs about $3,634 for just the basics. With the cash prize of $679 million for the cash prize if you win the Powerball, you could buy 426,527 she-sheds!

Everyone you know will be knocking on your door asking you for money to build their she-shed or man-cave!

Earth Hour In Paris
Getty Images

The first thing I would want to do is to get out of town. If the secret gets out that you have won all of that money people will be tracking you down asking for money! It might be best to just go away for a while.

What would it cost for a very low-budget trip around the globe? Well, according to you would need to spend around $30,000. If you win and take the cash payout you could take 51,667 trips around the world!!

It might be a good idea to take your family with you too. You know that one cousin you never really liked is going to track you down if you win the Powerball.

Hugh Jackman
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

With all this money you will have from winning the jackpot, you can hire an assistant. Now, I know this is super far-fetched, but hey, I can dream about hiring Hugh Jackman as my personal assistant.

But, seriously, what would it cost to hire and executive assistant to help you out? According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the cost of employing an assistant average about $71,060 a year.

Why stop at one? If you are now in possession of all of this money, why not hire as many as you can afford? The cash payout, $679,000 divided by $71,060, equals to 21,812 assistant that would just run around all day long doing everything you tell them to do!

Sonos Speaker
Josh Teder on Youtube

With the average cost of a pair of Sonos speakers, you could go to AVI (Audio Video Innovators) and tell them you would like to purchase 1,272,000 pairs of speakers!

Car with Window Rolled Down
TSM Photo

The average person is going to spend $44,000 to buy a new car, so you will be able to get a car for everyone in your family, and at least a few friends! You can buy 17,204 cars of your choice from a local car dealer.

Shrimp Poboy
Olde Tyme Grocery

If you were to win that Powerball jackpot you could surely afford any type of food you would want. Let's take an example of a local favorite, the shrimp poboy. How many 12-inch Shrimp poboys could you buy from Olde Tyme Grocery? You could buy 58,455,598 poboys!

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Tee Rex Giant Pizza

If you win the jackpot, you can buy 27,045,373 Tee Rex pizzas! The Tee Rex pizza from Deano's is full of meat. It has Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Smokes Sausage, Italian Sausage, Bacon & Beef. You can feed a lot of friends and family in our community with that many pizza pies.

The Caniac Combo
Photo courtesy of Raising Cane's

Caniac Combo

If you love Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers then you might want to know how many Caniac Combos you can buy with all that jackpot money.  The Caniac Combo has six chicken fingers, french fries, two Can's sauces, Texas toast, coleslaw, and a drink. You could buy 58,275,596 Caniac Combos!!!

King Cake
Staff Photo

King Cake

The average price for a King Cake across the state of Louisiana is about $20. You can buy a tremendous amount of King Cakes for $757 million. The exact number is 37,850,000 King Cakes. That sounds like it would be a delicious time.


After looking around, the average price for a five-pound box of boudin in our area is about $32. If you spent all of the $679 million on boudin you would be able to buy 23,656,250 five-pound boxes of boudin. Now that's some good eating!

Judice Inn Burger
Judice Inn, Facebook

Judice Inn Burger

Think about how delicious it would be to invite everyone you know over to your mansion to have a hamburger from Judice Inn. With all that money, you could buy 168,222,222 burgers!

Boiled Crawfish
TSM Staff


Boiled Crawfish was very expensive this past season. At the height of the season this spring, prices were about $7.88 per pound. The price of live crawfish per pound in 2023 was $5.67 per pound while it was only $3.88 per pound in 2022. Doing the math based on $$7.88 per pound, you could afford to purchase 96,065,989 pounds of boiled crawfish.

Don's Seafood
Google Maps

Seafood Platter

Exactly how many seafood platters could you buy from Don's Seafood Hut? A major amount of them. If you win the jackpot for Powerball, and you take the cash option, then you can afford to buy 23,656,250. While we are doing all these calculations, you might not be able to buy these locally, but here are some fun things you might want to buy and how many you can buy with $757 million.

Trying on Shoes
Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

A Woman's Pair of Shoes (An Average)

According to Glamour magazine, the average cost of an average woman's pair of shoes is $49 which I am going to round up to $50 to make the math easier to compute. With $757, you could buy 15,448,979 pairs of shoes! That's my kind of shopping!

Gates Learjet 25
Photo by George W. Hales/Peter King/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Buying a Jet

According to Investopedia, you can spend as little as $2 million to buy a jet with the top-of-the-line models costing about $100 million. Doing the math, you could afford to buy 378 $2 million jets, or you could buy 7 nice ones.

Classic Cars Meet Hypercars And Supercars At Blenheim Palace
Getty Images


How many Ferrari vehicles can you buy with $757 million? Well, according to Car and Driver, it depends on which model you want to purchase. A Ferarri Portino sells for $250,000, while the Ferrari Daytona SP3 sells for around $2.2 million. If you win the Powerball jackpot, you could buy 3,028 Ferrari Portino vehicles! However, if you choose the Ferrari Daytona SP3, you can only afford to buy 344 of those vehicles.

Christian Louboutin, Cassandrinaalta Heels
Louboutin website

A Woman's Pair of Shoes (Fancy Shoes, like Louboutin)

I think every woman I know has seen someone on television or YouTube wearing a pair of these famous shoes at one time or another. These beautiful, elegant shoes are the ones that have red on the bottom. They can run anywhere from $500 to $2000 plus per pair according to the website whatitcosts. I'll keep it simple. At $500 a pair, with $679 million we could buy 1,514,000 pairs of Louboutin shoes. If we buy the costlier shoes at $2,000 a pop, we could still buy 378,500 pairs!

Coke Can
Photo by Ernest Brillo on Unsplash


A can of soda sells for $1 here at the studio, so the math is easy on this one. What would you do with 679 million sodas? You could buy the world a Coke.


Louis Vuitton Bag
Staff Photo

Louis Vuitton Handbag

It isn't easy to get an average price on the cost of a Louis Vuitton handbag, but what we will do for the sake of this article is to take an average based on the prices on their website. If we use the "average" dollar amount of $2,500, then we would be able to buy 302,800 handbags.

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