The Louisiana Department of Health has opened a vaccination hotline to help people navigate their way through getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to the Louisiana Department of Health, the hotline number is 1-855-453-0774 and can handle multiple languages.

According to the Tweet, the hotline can be used to schedule coronavirus vaccine appointments and find providers of the coronavirus vaccine in the caller's area. The hotline can also be used to help answer any questions people may have about the various vaccines available to the public.

The number was set up to help get Louisiana residents vaccinated, but it might be a great tool in helping to defeat false information floating around about the vaccine. Some of the misinformation includes:

  • MYTH: the vaccine contains a chip
  • MYTH: the vaccine is being used to control the public
  • MYTH: the vaccine is the "Mark of the Beast"
  • MYTH: the vaccine causes infertility
  • MYTH: the vaccine cures the coronavirus
  • MYTH: the vaccine prevents you from contracting the coronavirus

All of these myths have been quite thoroughly debunked. The truth of the vaccine is this: in most patients, it minimizes the effects of the virus and, in most cases, helps to prevent hospitalizations. In some cases, it will help the patient remain asymptomatic during infection.

Of course, there are some people who are convinced by online propaganda/disinformation/political posts that discourage vaccination (don't be a sheep, etc). Let's hope that they don't contract the coronavirus and, if they do, experience mild symptoms.

Bottom line: the coronavirus vaccine, in any of the (so far) 3 available formulas, are only one tool in minimizing the effect of the virus. Social distancing, masking, and common sense are still important in the fight against this pandemic.

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