How do you feel about this incentive?

The Louisiana Department of Health posted on Facebook today that there will be a COVID testing site at LSU's Alex Box Stadium.

With the recent spike in positive COVID cases, several testing sites have opened up around Louisiana for folks with symptoms to get tested.

Well, in Baton Rouge, the first 500 people who go through the testing site will be rewarded with a coupon to McDonald's. Yes, people are being "rewarded" for getting tested.

I have seen mixed feelings about this and I ask, how do you feel about the state using coupons to draw folks to COVID testing sites?

Perhaps the coupon is a way of saying "thank you" for coming out or is it being used to get people to come out to the testing site?

We have seen this marketing strategy used at sporting events, but never at a COVID testing site.

Below is the actual Facebook post from the La. Dept. of Health.


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