U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins says he and his family have contracted COVID.

Going into the weekend, rumors of Higgins having COVID swirled on social media. Our KPEL-FM news team reached out to the Congressman's team but didn't get an immediate response.

Late Sunday afternoon, Higgins personally confirmed the news on his official Facebook page announcing that he, along with his wife and his son, is currently battling COVID.

We very much appreciate the tremendous outpouring of love and kindness over the past 10 days from the hundreds of friends and supporters who have reached out to me directly.
I keep my family's private business very quiet, because of the evil in the world, yet we are uplifted by the love of God's children, and quiet privacy does not mean secrecy, so here's the update:
I have COVID, Becca has COVID, and my son has COVID.

Higgins also revealed that it's the second round of COVID for him and his wife Becca. The U.S. Congressman said he had COVID in January of 2020 at a time where not many details were known about the coronavirus let alone tests readily available to be able to confirm a positive result.

This time around, Higgins says the virus is "far more challenging" requiring "all of his devoted energy."

Becca and I had COVID early on, in January 2020, before the world really knew what it was. So, this is our second experience with the CCP biological attack weaponized virus...and this episode is far more challenging. It has required all of my devoted energy.

The U.S. Rep. says that despite the challenge this time around, he and his family are under great care and the outlook is good.

We are all under excellent care, and our prognosis is positive. We are very healthy generally speaking, and our treatment of any health concern always encompasses wester, eastern, and holistic variables.
I ask that my family's privacy be respected.
I love and respect you all. Our mission will continue. My family and I will recover fully. Your prayerful support is felt deep within my family and will never be forgotten.

Higgins bout with COVID comes at a time when the delta variant is ravaging Louisiana, which touts one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. On Friday, Governor John Bel Edwards issued a mask advisory for all Louisiana residents as numbers continue to climb.

We wish our Congressman and his family the best while they battle COVID and will provide any details as they develop.

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